Pure Tea Tree Oil


One of our goals is to help you present your best self. Many of us suffer from acne that can lower our confidence. Having appealing and healthy skin not only indicates beauty and youthfulness, but it also says that you are put together and take care of yourself. We want to help you with that.

We bring you our 100% Pure Tea Tree Oil.

Tea tree oil, commonly know as maleleuca oil, is a very versatile home remedy that everyone should have. The first benefit of tea tree oil is that it is an amazing acne fighter. One study has shown that tea tree oil is as beneficial at fighting acne as the dermatologist recommended benzoyl peroxide.(1) A recipe for acne is adding two to four drops of tea tree oil with a teaspoon of manuka honey and working it throughout the face.(2)

Tea tree oil is also known to be beneficial for your hair and scalp. Just add a couple of drop in your shampoo or conditioner to remedy dry flaking skin or remove dandruff.

Tea tree oil can also kill contagious fungal, bacterial, and viral infections. This is great for people with athlete’s foot, staph, and ringworm. You can add a couple of drops into your body wash or apply the oil directly on affected area.

This is a multi-use home remedy that everyone should have at their home, travel bag, and/or gym bag.

Topical use only. Keep away from direct sun light.


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